Created by Marc Rose and Jerrel McQuen, Dry Smoke & Whisper Holodio Theatre is a tribute to a favorite genre, the detective mystery, ala the 30’s and 40’s.
But it soon created it’s own voice, in a future world that headily combined SteamPunk Victorian England with an exotic and alien Middle East. Over three seasons, it won
two production grants, a Mark Time (we were thrilled with that – Firesign Theatre was one of our earliest and most inspiring influences), and two Communicator awards.
The first was for Part Two of Dry Smoke’s Shadowman Saga. And the second was for Nirvana & Gehenna, a satirical recalibration of recent Earth history, scientifically if fantastically combined with the dimensions of both Dry Smoke and Farwan. Hear it in full on the Other Projects page. DSW is currently in hiatus, but any excuse to
revisit that realm might easily result in new adventures, in any number of media, from short stories to graphic novels.