Jebediah Braxton is an anthropologist who picked up the wrong stone near an ancient temple in Central America. He takes it back to England and one twilight discovers that the stone has connected him to The Horde – ancient revenants who believe they can come back from the dead – if they have the right help. They send Braxton back in time in delirium states and he soon discovers that nothing about our planet’s history is what it seems.


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Water is mesmerizing – watch the ripples. The sussurration. Are we sure we know all about the elemental forces that surround us? What if any body of water anywhere may host more forms of life than we we
might wish to know.


A blue light lab in Yellow Rose, Texas. White trains and runaway technology. Science and mysticism collide in this cautionary tone poem
about Mankind’s ceaseless
prying curiosity.



The Multiverse is a helix. So five spirals above Earth is the universe that contains the dimension of Dry Smoke, and nine spirals up is the universe that contains Farwan. A mad scientist from the Dry Smoke continuum stumbles upon a way to bridge all three, and thus the birth of Nirvana & Gehenna. Seems that any major event can ripple up and down the helix, and parallel events are born. Sounds mad – but is it? You decide.